COVID19 Led Worker Representative Course

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COVID-19 Return to Work Safely

Become a certified  COVID19 Lead Worker Representative(s)

  • Help roll out the company COVID-9 control measures.
  • Communicate to staff and assist in providing workplace COVID19 health advice
  • Carry out regular checks that COVID19 control measures are in place.
  • Keep a record of COVID19 issues in the workplace
  • Report to your employer / operators any problem areas or non-compliance.
  • Manage concerns of staff and visitors with your employer.
  • Keep staff up to date with the latest COVID19 advice from Government.
  • Help as part of a response team in managing s COVID19 situations in your workplace.

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COVID19 Lead Staff Representative
Practical Advice for Employers and Staff regarding the management of COVID19

  • Health Service Executive

  • European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

  • World Health Organization

  • Health & Safety Authority

Course Director: Rob Roe

  • IOSH. NISO, Occupational Health & Safety Consultant
  • Safety Mentor with Wicklow Local Enterprise Office
  • Approved Adviser with South Dublin Local Enterprise Office
  • The Entrepreneurs Academy OSH Tutor

 Up to date local and national resources
All your COVID19 questions answered by an expert

  • Return to Work Safely Templates, Checklists and Posters – HSA

  • Return to Work Safely Protocol – Government

  • COVID19 Resources | NSAI Ireland’s official standards body.

  • Coronavirus Information & Advice from Trade Industries

Duration: 2.5 hours
Online or Zoom Webinar.

Interaction Encouraged
Specific business case studies

Every Course Is Customised For Attendees

  • Risk Assessing Coronavirus
  • Key Control Measures
  • Health and Safety Documentation
  • Employee & Employees Requirements
  • Lead Worker Representative role
  • Customer Facing Roles
  • Hand Hygiene, Respiratory Hygiene
  • Return to Work Process
  • Travel to / from Work
  • Prevention of Cross Contamination
  • Physical Distancing
  • Recommendations
  • Communal and Welfare Areas
  • First Aid Responder Guidance
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC),
  • Legionella controls.
  • Management of Deliveries
  • COVID-19 Suspect / Confirmed Cases
  • Cleaning Spaces following Suspected / Confirmed Cases
  • Reporting Requirements if a worker contracts COVID-19
  • Checklist for the lead worker representative

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