Evacuation Chair Training

An escape chair or evacuation chair is a device manufactured for the smooth descent of stairways in the event of an emergency. Safety Squad clients include County Councils, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Offices, Schools & Sports Clubs.

Available Nationwide – Call 015340999 to arrange your evacuation chair session. Our OSH Professional tutors help you manage every aspect of your fire evacuation system & are fully insured. Scroll down to see our 5 star customer reviews on facebook

Every evacuation chair course is tailored for the clients needs

  • Specific evac chair orientation
  • Mobility issues, overview
  • Fire action, evacuation drills & care plans
  • Risk assessments
  • Evac chair setup and maintenance
  • Transfer using four wheels
  • Stair transfer
  • One & two person transfer demonstration

Choose option 1 or 2, we customise the session for attendees, for example if people are comfortable fire wardens we incorporate safe people moving techniques & vice versa

  • Option 1 Fire Safety,¬†emphasis.
  • Option 2 Manual Handling / People Moving,¬†emphasis

Safety Squad Limited, supply, maintain & training on all types of evacuation chairs, Please note EMS Chairs don’t have stair ski capablities so option 2 is required if your chair has only 4 wheels & is not a recognisable brand

  • We ensure your business is compliant with the latest occupational safety and fire safety regulations
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Location: on-site at your facility
  • Group size: 8/10 people
  • Certified: 2 years