Occupational First Aid

Effective Occupational First Aid

We help ordinary people do extra-ordinary things.
Ordinary people think they know how to help someone who becomes ill or injured in work.
Extra-ordinary people practice these life-saving skills on an occupational first aid course to ensure they know.

You may only need to know what we teach once in your lifetime. Think of the impact that knowing or not knowing occupational first aid will have. Ordinary people have attended our occupational first aid training sessions and went on to do the extra-ordinary for people they work with

Nationwide Occupational First Aid

Nationwide Occupational First Aid

Better Trained Occupational First Aid

  • Full 3 Day program available nationwide (1 Day Refresher)
  • Certified QQI Level 5 OFAAA and First Aid at Work (FAR/PHECC)
  • Superior courses, you receive face shields, pens, bandages, gloves, wound dressings, ems cards etc.
  • Training equipment, 2017 manikins, Little Anne from Lardeal for realistic CPR simulation
  • Training material, our handouts are specially designed to make learning easy
  • Safety Squad are the professionals, accredited for certification, fully insured

All occupational first aid training is not the same. Call 015340999 

The difference – Safety Squad Limited
We are passionate about health & safety. This love for our industry is based on helping people.
Complying with legislation is important but above all it is the right thing to for your business.
Staff engagement in safety is key, we don’t over complicate issues & inspire staff to be more effective.

Most safety providers focus on the law & fear of non-compliance. Safety Squad focus on the wellbeing of staff, simply communicating how the lack of safety can result in injury which is bad for all involved & when we manage to work safely everyone makes money.

Become part of the Safety Squad – We are a breath of fresh air, scroll down to see our social media channels. Read customer reviews, see videos of our work & make the right decision for your business

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Occupational First Aid

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