Occupational First Aid

Our Passion = ‘Helping ordinary people do extra-ordinary things’

HSA First Aid Guides relating to the workplace requires staff to be trained to the QQI FETAC Level 5 standards. This course is 3 days long, covers 8 modules, is examined by any external instructor on the last day and requires a one day refresher every two years. There will be a change over from the current OFA Occupational First Aid to FAR – First Aid Response (December 2017). Natiuonwide onsite training Call 015340999.

Course Content: Occupational First Aid

  •         Day 1, units 1-4
  •         Day 2, units 1-8
  •         Day 3, recap, exam preparation & skills demonstration
  •         2 Year Certification FAR PHECC

Course Modules

  • First Aid in the Workplace
  • Patient Assessment
  • Respiratory Emergencies
  • Cardiac First Response
  • Heart Attack Stroke
  • Choking Administration of Aspirin
  • Wounds & Bleeding
  • Altered Level of Consciousness
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Burns/Scalds
  • Chemicals
  • Electric Shock

What makes Safety Squad stand out?

  •         The Squad = Superior, Quality, Unrivalled, Attention & Dedication
  •         Interaction, we engage your people like no other company
  •         Practical sessions filled with lifesaving skills
  •         Taught using the latest techniques, video’s & demonstrations

Occupational First Aid Instructor

  •         Professional tutors, excellent facilitators, presentable & dressed in smart squad uniforms
  •         PHECC, accredited with the Pre-hospital Emergency Care Council
  •         Irish Heart Foundation, accredited with the Irish Heart & AHA
  •         OFA, Occupational First Aid Registered (OFAAA/HSA Approved)
  •         Experience, years of industry knowledge

Occupational First Aid Training Resources

  •         Manikins, Lardel Little Anne’s are the best & trusted rescue simulators available which add to your learning experience. Dressed in squad uniforms, shows our level of detail
  •         AED Trainers, superior ratio of defibrillators / manikins to student on every course
  •         Hygiene policy, we supply individual cleaning wipes as part of our infection control standard
  •         First aid material, we distribute first aid supplies & give bandages, face shields, guides etc.

Occupational First Aid – Money Back Guarantee

Have you ever been on a first aid course when, the instructor says something inappropriate, puts people off by telling ambulance horror stories, is uninspiring with a dated power-point presentation or is poorly equipped? By choosing the Safety Squad you know staff are better prepared to respond.

We are the first aid industry leader, if you are not 100% happy with your course with a valid reason, we will arrange for a full refund. Safety Squad value every client more than money. Call 015340999 to create a safety squad in your workplace