What you need to know about Managing Safety

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Managing Safety is essential to help employees thrive in a future driven by workplace demands. That’s why we create comprehensive Safety Management Systems that make it easy to encourage staff to be part of your organisations safety culture

The why? Protecting employee’s health and safety is a moral and legal imperative. Businesses may also increase productivity, improve staff morale and save money from fewer injuries.

Employee’s have lots of hazards they face on a daily basis. Manual handling-related injuries continue to account for about one-third or 33% of all non-fatal injuries reported to the HSA and another 20% is caused by Slips, Trips & Falls. Is your workplace doing enough to prevent these accidents from destroying peoples lives?

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  • Onsite Safe Management System Review
  • Consultation
  • Safety Management Structure (Safety Rep / Officer)
  • Safety Statement
  • Risk Assessments
  • Free VDU / DSE Analyse
  • Create Policy / SOP’s
  • Training Bundle to include First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire Safety & Managing Risk

Volume Discount – We reduce the cost of our many safety courses so your employee’s knowledge can grow. Safety Squad can arrange financing options that make sense for your budget and offer ongoing support for staff.

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Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 Section 80
The 2005 Act puts the responsibilities for safety and health directly on those in charge in workplaces to contribute to the overall performance of the business & prevent accidents and ill-health. Directors and managers who control the work being done have to take on this responsibility. Directors may be prosecuted under the 2005 Act for failing to manage safety and health in their undertaking.

Safety Squad Limited help businesses protect their reputation and assets. We give guidance for Directors and Senior Managers on their responsibilities for workplace safety. Creating a positive safety and health culture Setting the best standards for organising safety and health Implementing the safety statement We ensure you avoid the costs associated with poor safety and health management Essential 5 Star Health & Safety

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