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  • Employers are advised to follow the latest public health advice
  • Businesses must identify & implement suitable control measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection in the workplace.
  • Risk assessments require COVID19 review & updating
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COVID19 Safety Planning

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Coronavirus Workplace Guidance

Protect Remote Workers: Employers have the same responsibilities for home workers as for any other employee

COVID-19 Improvements

Covid-19 declaration form

  • To ensure the Safety & Health of all people interacting with your business.
  • Staff, visitors and contractors should complete a form prior to entering your workplace. Indicating if anyone has symptoms of COVID-19 or have been abroad in the last 14 days

Awareness and information 

  • Keep up to date with public health advisory notices
  • Comply with any public health guidelines and orders
  • Provide necessary COVID19 training

Hygiene and contact reduction 

  • Employee hygiene practices are important to prevent spread of COVID-19
  • Employers can put up signage and communicate the HSE recommendations to prevent infection spread

Hand washing 

  • Wash hands properly and regularly using soap and water

COVID19 response plan

  • The appointment of incident response personnel for stabilisation, continuity and recovery activities are recommended.
  • A designated isolation area should be predetermined as part of the response plan.
  • Promote hygiene practice by providing: tissues, hand sanitiser, disinfectant, PPE (gloves, masks, clinical waste bags).

Contact with confirmed cases

  • If a confirmed case is identified in your workplace, staff who have had close contact should be asked to stay at home for 14 days and follow the restricted movements guidance from the HSE.
  • Contact logging  should be done through the use of sign in sheets, clocking systems, visitor logbooks, delivery personnel details etc

Protect Yourself & Others

Minimise spread 

  • Hand washing, provide adequate supply of soap and disposable towels
  • Hand sanitisers available at entrances / exits & customer contact areas
  • Implement physical distancing measures. Rearrangement of workflows and layout patterns to reduce infection risk


  • All work areas must be cleaned at regular intervals using disinfectants to kill germs and stop the spread of disease and in a visible manner to instil staff and visitor confidence.  Record cleaning schedule & procedures

Appoint a COVID19 co-ordinator

  • It is important that employers have a robust communication strategy in place to provide up-to-date reliable information to employees, suppliers and customers.

Human resources

  • Employers should ensure all managers and staff are familiar with company policies and relevant legislation including: absence, sick leave, Employment Equality Acts 1998 to 2015, and Payment of Wages Act 1991.

Physical distancing

  • Introduce physical distancing measures across all areas of your business, keeping a distance of 2 metres.
  • Avoiding making close contact with people, setting up screens /barriers at workstations
  • Implementing a queue management system with correct distance markings
  • Encouraging use of card payment methods allocating times for appointments/deliveries
  • Removing tables/chairs from the workplace working from home or split shift arrangements

PPE for coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Safety Squad can guide your business, ensuring rational use of personal protective equipment

World Health Organization – The use of medical masks in the community may create a false sense of security, with neglect of other essential measures, such as hand hygiene practices and physical distancing, Best practices should be followed about how to wear, remove, and dispose

PPE should be used as a last line of defence.

(Chapter 3, Part 2, Personal Protective Equipment, SHWW, Gen Apps) Employers are required to eliminate the hazard at source, conduct risk assessments & update their safety statement. (The Safety Health & Welfare at Work Act)

Consider: PPE selection, use & maintenance

  • (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment
    Gloves, Boots, Aprons, Protective clothing
  • (RPE) Respiratory Protective Equipment, Masks

Must be worn & selected appropriately or is totally ineffective and may give the user a false sense of protection

Employers must provide information, training & instruction for all PPE used.

Employees need adequate supervision to ensure they are wearing correctly. Failing to select, fit-test, use, store & maintain PPE will lead to exposure of hazardous substances. Employers should document these elements of a PPE /RPE Programme

  • A written plan on how to manage the programme
  • Risk assessment to limit or reduce employee exposures to hazards
  • Training records. pre-checks, storage, inspection, maintenance & disposal
  • Medical surveillance of employees, where necessary

PPE can be easily misused. Our squad can help

Coronavirus Safety Training

Chemical Training

PPE Modules

Certificates Issued

The human hazards must be considered


COVID19 Modules

Infection Prevention & Control

Operational Planning Guidelines

Risk Assessments

Legionnaires Disease

Employers Consider

Vulnerable staff & those with disabilities

Coronavirus Safety Advisor Services & Training

One squad to take care of all your COVID19 safety management

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Why choose the Safety Squad?

The Safety Squad build solid partnerships with our clients.  Preventing self-contamination when using & removing personal protective equipment is critical

  • Based on current best practice in relation to infection prevention and control
  • Public health measures should be communicated to everyone at the workplace
  • COVID19 guidelines on hand-washing, good respiratory hygiene and follow social distancing
  • PPE & respirators, require task specific occupational risk assessment

Our Squad will help you with..

Defending against the spread of COVID19. Guidance & chemical safety data from The European Chemical Agency (ECHA)

  • Employee hygiene practices

  • Tailored physical distancing measures planning

  • Controlled access process for visitors

  • Working from home policy & assessments

  • Responding to suspected cases

The Safety Squad build solid partnerships with our clients. We engage people in all areas of COVID19 and workplace hygiene
  • Training and Consultancy Support

  • COVID-19 business risk assessment

  • Controls – Risk Mitigation

  • Selection of COVID19 strategies & solutions

  • The co-ordination of a COVID-19 response team

Advice is available for managing Legionella risks, Infection Prevention & Control (IP&C), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & PHECC First Aid Responders

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